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3 Ways to Get Fit Without Exercise

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Getting fit can often seem complicated, challenging and time consuming, but it doesn't have to be. Simply understanding how the body works, learning why it stores fat and following the 3 tools outlined below can help you get lean fast, even in the absence of exercise.

It all comes down to a fat storing hormone called insulin. When activated, insulin signals the body to store fat cells. When lowered, our bodies tap into this stored body fat to be used as fuel for energy, by turning the stored body fat into ketones and transporting those ketones through the bloodstream.

Here are 3 ways to lower insulin levels and burn fat without sacrificing your time, energy or money:

1. Intermittent fasting

This is by far the best way to lower insulin levels overnight. Through simply refraining from eating any calories for a minimum of 14 hours throughout the day (this includes sleep), you lower insulin levels so much that your body taps into its stored fat cells to be used as fuel for energy. The longer you fast, the more fat you burn. Remember: your sleep counts towards your intermittent fasting time period.

2. Cold showers

Cold showers, especially when done while intermittent fasting, greatly increases the body's ability to lower insulin and tap into its stored body fat to be used as fuel. Simply taking a 30 second cold shower in the morning while in a fasted state can greatly enhance your fat burning efforts, especially in the absence of exercise. Want to increase the fat burning even more? Slowly work your way up to 5 minutes, adding 30 seconds to your cold shower every week or so.


3. Black coffee

Although black coffee does not lower insulin levels directly, it does enhance the body's ability to transport ketones through the bloodstream more rapidly. This means that when you consume black coffee while intermittent fasting, you are increasing your body's ability to use the stored body fat as fuel, burning more of it.

So what can you do tomorrow to begin burning body fat fast? You can begin to either practice one, two or all three of these tools outlined above. When combined, the efficacy is greatly increased and you can have it done before you begin your day. Simply skip breakfast, consume black coffee (black means no sugar, artificial sweeteners or creams) and take a 30 second cold shower. Do this for 30 days straight, and you are on your way to getting into the best shape of your life.

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