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2 Types of Breathwork to Improve Physical Fitness

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

For many of us, the last year has been one of difficulty, uncertainty and confusion. It was like a tornado came barreling down each and every one of our lives, leaving us stranded without a paddle. This has caused many of us to postpone our fitness routines, not knowing how to get fit without a gym, trainer or access to certain foods or equipment.

Today, you will learn how to use your breath in order to: improve posture, tone the core, improve blood flow and boost cardiovascular (heart) health while reaping many other benefits. So, what 2 types of breathwork are best for physical fitness?

1. Decompression Breathing (Vacuuming)

Decompression breathing otherwise known as “vacuuming” among many bodybuilders and fitness influencers, is a type of breathing that helps to improve posture, strengthen and tone the core by expanding the rib cage and tightening the mid-section. Decompression breathing is best done at the beginning of each day, especially for those of you who struggle with back pain, are sitting all day, want to tighten up the midsection or improve posture.