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How We Got Here

Why do most people struggle with headaches or insomnia? They're staring at a screen all day. 

In early 2020 we were suddenly stuck inside with unlimited screen time - both work and play came from a screen. You'd think that with no commute and less outings that you could rest easy, right? Well... not quite. ⁠

Here's the thing: with everything going virtual, the world demanded more hours spent online - Zoom calls, FaceTime and Netflix marathons. ⁠

Dedicated research shows that blue light from your screen (think phone, laptop, TV) causes chronic inflammation behind the eyes and stops your body from naturally producing melatonin... cue headaches and insomnia.⁠ 

Without any stylish and effective options, we took matters into our own hands; designing Canadian blue light glasses that make online work comfortable and reduce headaches, as well as boost melatonin to help you get a better night's sleep (naturally). ⁠


During the workday, the SocialLight glasses make the long days working online more comfortable, and ease the pain of headache and migraines. At night, wear the DeepSleep glasses 2-3 hours before bed to improve sleep almost instantly.

Grace .jpg
Signed, Dan and Grace.

Everyone should spend less time stressing over headaches and sleep schedules and more on life. What started as a search for relief turned into a practical tool to share with friends and family... and now you. ⁠ 


I know first-hand just how frustrating it is to have pain and exhaustion hold you back, so it is my hope you can enjoy the Quality Life glasses and get you back to a quality life.


With love,

Owner, Quality Life

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