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Ease headaches and fall asleep faster with blue light glasses that work.

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Work better, sleep better, live better with blue light glasses that actually work.


Listen to Rachel

I’ve been struggling to sleep since a had my third baby 3 years ago. She woke up multiple times a night for a year and a half, and once she started sleeping through the night my body had a hard time adjusting to sleeping again. I found myself waking frequently, even though it was no longer necessary. With a full time job and 3 kids, I don’t get a lot of ‘me’ time, so I really didn’t want to give up my evening routine of Netflix and social media. I decided to give the DeepSleep glasses a try, and I’m so glad I did. I’m sleeping much deeper, and waking up much less frequently during the night. I put them on before bedtime and enjoy my screens guilt free every evening!
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What is blue light?

Blue light is a range of the visible light spectrum with a wavelength between 400 - 525 nm.


Blue light is all around us, coming from common sources like LED lights, TV, computers and phone screens (you are looking at blue light right now).

While blue light is essential, prolonged exposure negatively impacts our overall health.

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Why can't I sleep?

Studies show that blue light stops your brain from naturally producing melatonin, the hormone essential for sleep. Without it, you will have trouble falling and staying asleep.

Blue light also increases your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) causing more headaches, irritation and anxiety throughout the day. 


Why choose us?

Experiencing chronic illness and online burnout ourselves, we designed these glasses because we needed practical tools to sleep.


Our glasses ease headaches and boost melatonin in style, shielding you from up to 99% of blue light from your computer, TV or phone screen.


Wear them to ease light sensitivity and get a better sleep overnight.